By Richard Upshaw
Brad Kupiec sits in a studio that he will have fond memories of as his life and career moves forward, as the now 21- year-old senior journalism major looks to graduate from EIU as a proud panther and coworker of the WEIU’s radio station, Hit-Mix 88.9.

Brad’s work for Hit-Mix has opened up opportunities to work the morning sports shows on Tuesdays and Thursdays which Kupiec said is his favorite part of his job as a radio personality.

“Sports is something that I have always been passionate about and I always knew when I was a little kid that I wasn’t athletic enough to compete at sports at a high level so I always knew that my way to stick around in sports would be through broadcasting or play by play,” he said.

Kupiec, the MMA and baseball-loving Chicago Cubs fan, has done just that. In addition to working the morning show, he also found a niche with helping EIU by providing play by play for the athletic departments home baseball games, which are finally here now that spring has sprung.

To get to this point, the now three year Hit-Mix veteran had to first go through the semester long training program that is required of the Hit-Mix employees to assure they are well trained and knowledgeable before being officially hired on to work  full time.

“I see myself moving out of state somewhere, where I can get a job announcing minor-league baseball,” Kupiec said, “ and sorta work my way up the ranks and hopefully someday getting into the major leagues but I know that’s going to take a lot of years and a lot of seasons of climbing the latter.”

Kupiec still has some time left at Hit-Mix but he is already setting goals for the future that show his dedication to sports, journalism, and broadcasting. This dedication and drive is for love of the craft but also the rules, experiences and values he has learned from working at Hit-Mix, which provided him with a base to start a career.

“If you want to get involved with Hit-Mix come down and talk to either Jeff Owens or Rob Calhoun about signing up for our training team,” Kupiec said.

Hit-mix is a great way to start working towards a future in broadcast journalism and if possible should be taken advantage of because of the tools they will provide you with to make it in the field of broadcast journalism.

“I’m just really grateful for the experience I’ve gotten at hit-mix and not just the experience I have gotten through Hit-mix from working here but also the opportunities that have opened up from jobs with other stations in the area.”

Hit-mix is a great place for people that are interested in broadcast journalism to get their start and really learn something. Brad also said that everyone at Hit-mix wants to see you succeed and wants to help you get that ideal job that you are looking for, and the opportunities are here if you are willing to put in the time.

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