By: Alyssa Stockton

Personality is one thing Dominic Renzetti can say he has. Renzetti is the current Editor-in-chief of the Daily Eastern News and has a creative knack for telling the news interestingly.

Renzetti is a journalist that puts himself in the news. He started with the DEN writing about sports as a freshman and during his second year with the DEN he became sports editor. This is when Renzetti and online editor Christopher O’Driscol created a YouTube series called “Teach Me How To Dominic,” which currently has the most views on the DEN’s YouTube channel.

The show revolved around Renzetti meeting with EIU students that were skilled in various sports, and they taught him the rules and methods appropriately for each sport. Throughout “Teach Me How To Dominic” Renzetti learned that some sports were fun and easy, while others were not what he signed up for. Especially during contact sports like lacrosse, he said, where “I got hit with the solid ball and it left a welt.”

Renzetti’s family is a big part of who he is. “His humility,” he said, “comes from his parents, who sacrificed a lot for him and his younger brother to go to a good high school and then on to college, an experience they did not even have.”

As a young kid, his uncle Jeff was a radio personality for Q101 Chicago and really inspired him to be a little different. “Turd, the Bartender,” was Jeff’s radio name on Q101’s daily show, “Mancow’s Morning Madhouse.”

“I thought it was the coolest thing, he was the cool guy on the radio,” Renzetti said about the show his mother didn’t let him listen to at the time.

“Turd” made people laugh and that’s what Renzetti wants to do. His uncle’s radio character and in real life held great personalities for the audience to respond to and remember. His uncle’s ridiculous media stunts and methods influenced Renzetti to get creative with his news delivery.

Renzetti’s personality is one of a kind. His hard work and dedication helped him to advance throughout the DEN while at Eastern. He is studying Family Consumer Science with a focus in Family Services and plans to graduate in December. You can find Renzetti around EIU with his friends and enjoying the college lifestyle.