November 2012

by Ava Nozicka

Twelve members of the DEN and the Warbler got the chance to mingle with fellow students, advisors and professionals at the 91st annual American Collegiate Press/ College Media Association convention in Chicago.

The convention was Nov. 1-3, and consisted of daily sessions that took place at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers on Columbus Street in Chicago.

Students had the opportunity to attend various sessions covering a wide range of topics, including advertising, yearbook, daily paper, marketing, online journals, and design.

“There are specific sessions for yearbook and for various aspects of newspaper whether it’s photography or design, but there are also general sessions for collegiate journalism,” Sally Renaud, advisor for the Warbler, said.

The conference also had critique sessions that allowed both organizations to have their publications critiqued by journalism teachers from other schools.

“I think any time you can meet with other collegiate journalists who do what you’re doing, I think any time you can talk to professionals, any time you can hear about how you can do your job better, you should go,” Renaud said.

According to the DEN, the Warbler won first place for the yearbook fewer than 300 pages category in the Associated Collegiate Press’ Best of Show.

This is the second year in a row that the Warbler has taken first place in Best of Show.

The Warbler was also a finalist for the Associated Collegiate Press’ Pacemaker award, which is one of the most prestigious awards in student journalism.

“The Pacemaker award is one of the top awards given in both high school and college journalism, for overall excellence,” Renaud said.

Shea Lazansky, journalism major and photo editor for the Warbler, said she learned the importance of understanding environment for photos and learned the best way to create eye-catching photos.

“I went my freshman year as a new member and I went this year as photo editor so that I can learn the best way to manage my staff,” Lazansky said.

The DEN won third place in Best in Show for the four-year daily tabloid category.

Lola Burnham, advisor for the DEN, said the award was for the Associate Collegiate Press, a contest that is run on site where you take a newspaper and enter that specific issue.

“If they (students) are an editor for the DEN or the Warbler, this is just a way to hear from other people about trends in the field,” Burnham said.

Junior journalism major and DEN News Editor Rachel Rodgers said she wanted to acquire more knowledge to bring back to her staff and improve the quality of the DEN.

“I went to the CMA conference last year,” Rodgers said. “It’s a chance for the DEN and Warbler to get national recognition and also gives us a chance to interact with people from other newspapers.”

Rodgers also said the conference helps reinforce how being a daily newspaper is prestigious.

“”In this field, there’s always something to learn and the conference helps us improve and also shows us how well we’re doing,” Rodgers said. “We can learn and also showcase our own talents.”